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Servicing Sydney Metropolitan and the Illawarra

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

Routine service, testing and preventative maintenance are requirements drawn from several areas including but not limited to:

  1. BCA (Builders Code of Australia)
  2. WH&S (Work Health and Safety Legislation)
  3. Australian Standards (Various)

All systems that are required for a building are described in the Council Registered Fire Safety Schedule. All systems require Inspection, Service and Maintenance as outlined in the applicable Australian Standard AS1851 -2012. Our preventative maintenance programs are designed to maximize performance and reliability, while minimising disruption and running costs.

We will proactively maintain your Fire Protection Systems and Equipment and conduct annual audits to benchmark the performance of your assets, and ultimately provide an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS). Our team of qualified technicians will work to prolong the life of your critical equipment and to ensure you have fewer unplanned maintenance events.

Different fire safety measures require different scheduled interval preventative maintenance carried out.

Routine Service Frequencies Table

Frequencies Tolerances

Extracted from Standards Australia

Servicing Sydney Metropolitan and the Illawarra
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